Ready for More Visibility,

More Wealth, 

and Connections



Around the World?

Our mission is simple:
help as many women become influential voices within their industry
and recognized leaders in the workplace.

Lack of self-confidence and access to resources are the hidden struggles of ambitious women—especially women of color. 

These challenges and insecurities can prevent you from:

Selling yourself for a new job, promotion or business opportunity.

Turning your ideas into an impactful organization or profitable business.

Getting media exposure and speaking engagements.

Pitching your business idea to investors and getting funded.

Developing the right relationships, which can help advance your career.

Building wealth and making smart money decisions. 

Negotiating a financial deal, promotion or salary raise so you can get paid your worth.


Yes, you deserve more.

But you have to stop talking yourself out of your greatness and overthinking everything. 

Thankfully, you don’t have to do it alone. 

We’ll work together through your mental blocks of self-doubt so you can build confidence, find clarity,  and create a realistic roadmap which identifies the productivity methods and systems to help you market your message and reach your target audience.

Plus She Deserves More has a supportive community of trailblazing women who can help you get focused, stay on track and push beyond your self-limiting beliefs. 

Yes, you deserve a career you love, media exposure and paid speaking engagements.

But no one will invest in you if you’re invisible.

Through a series of virtual and in-person workshops, She Deserves More is here to teach you how to get over your fear of self -promotion, make yourself more marketable, and connect with the right audience so you can turn your passion into profit and get noticed by journalists, clients, and even investors. 

Ready to get paid what you’re worth, but you’re struggling with asking for more?

Here’s an ugly truth:  Working hard isn’t enough.

When it comes to getting paid for the value you bring to the table, many brilliant and talented women, such as yourself, are simply not  “making the ask.”

We’ll work together to help you clearly communicate and demonstrate your value to potential business partners, employers or sponsors.  

On the other hand, besides skills and confidence, the right relationships can take you places money can’t.

She Deserves More exist to provide you with access to industry influencers who can provide insight on a variety of challenges including how to negotiate and price your services,  network your way to successfully closing a deal,  and position your brand globally.

When women support women, dope things happen. Are you in?

 She Deserves More is here 

 to help you position yourself for more.


You can’t fit in & stand out at the same time.

Resources, online masterclasses, and in-person workshops to help you build your credibility in your industry, leverage media and speaking opportunities and create an impactful brand. 

Income & Wealth

Why aren’t more women comfortable talking about money and finances ?

It’s no secret the gender pay gap exists. One reason why?

More women need to share experiences. 

She Deserves More is a partial solution to narrowing the gender wage gap. We’re prepared to teach women how to recognize their worth, demonstrate the value they bring to an organization and negotiate confidently. Beyond ways to build your income we want to equip you with the resources to create wealth. 


When it comes to earning degrees and qualifications—women of color are rock stars but many also lack relationships to people who can advocate on their behalf and connect them with opportunities to fund their ideas, advance their careers or expand their businesses globally.

Virtual happy hour anyone? You bring your favorite drink and positive vibe, we’ll be sure to foster a community of actionable advice and encouragement for leveling up in life.  

Mentorship + Masterclasses + Masterminds

To help you get ahead and stay at the top of your game.

                                                 YOU’LL LEARN HOW TO:

    • Overcome self-doubt & build self-confidence 

    • Communicate with clarity and confidence

    • Create a goal setting blueprint & daily habits for career success

    • Promote yourself without  sounding like you’re bragging
    • Get media coverage for your startup or brand
    • Assert yourself in any situation
    • Get over your fear of public speaking

  • Negotiate a business deal or job offer
  • Find your sweet spot for passive income
  • Change the money mindset myths that keeps you living paycheck to paycheck
  • Adopt simple money habits that build wealth
  • Transform your brand story into money-making opportunities
  • Pitch your idea and find your sweet spot for sealing the deal with investors, or executive teams
  • Network your way up the ladder of success
  • Establish partnerships to increase your visibility and reach new audiences
  • Transform your knowledge and experiences into books and workshops
  • Build your influence & credibility within your industry

Redefining What Success Looks Like For You 



Ongoing community support, influencer interviews, virtual happy hours and free live training. Join the movement for inspiration, to connect with like-minded women and learn what it takes to turn your vision into reality.


Access to personal and professional development expert-led masterclasses and workshops focused on topics such as pitching to the media, landing speaking engagements, creating wealth, negotiating and networking.

Online masterclasses launch February 2018.


Hands-on support,  masterclasses and mentor-matching program focused on increasing your visibility in your career.     For 9-5’ers and entrepreneurs looking to turn their expertise, passion, and experience into a business featuring speaking gigs, workshops, book launches and more.

This program is limited to 10 women and launches on January 25 (see FAQs below)

 If You’re Ready To: 

Stand out in a noisy online world.

Build your credibility as a leader in your industry.

Get unstuck and identify a system that helps you consistently market your message and build a tribe that loves your content.

Pitch yourself for media coverage and speaking engagements.

Get over your fear of self-promotion and public speaking.

Learn how to leverage social media, partnerships, and events to grow your target audience and build your influence.

Identify your key signature messages and create an elevator pitch that sells your stand out factor in 30 seconds or less.

The Group Visibility Program is For You!

A Note From Our Founder…….

As a Communications Strategist and Founder of Kandid Conversations,  I’ve conducted workshops across the U.S. and Africa teaching 9-5er’s and entrepreneurs how to position and market themselves for job promotions, TV and radio features, speaking engagements, and magazine publications. Plus I’ve written hundreds of stories about women changemakers and entrepreneurs who are making a profit while making an impact around the world.

But sadly throughout my experiences, I learned that a lack of self-confidence and self-sabotage are keeping too many women stuck from getting ahead in their career. I also learned that too many women were uncomfortable speaking up for themselves, talking about money and making the ask for what they deserve in life.

On top of everything else,  there’s an epidemic among women called the superwoman syndrome. But here’s the thing, when it’s time to level up in life–you can’t do it alone. So it’s time for us to drop the cape and I’m here to help you. 

The superwoman syndrome aka “team no sleep” ain’t sexy (yep, I meant aint). It’s a recipe for careless mistakes, depression, failure, and anxiety.  

So just as much as we focus on getting ahead in our careers, we need to talk more about self-care as well as mental and financial wellness.

She Deserves More exists to redefine the conversation about what it means for women to be successful. And ultimately, my mission is to help more women get recognized in their career as well as funded for their ideas, initiatives, and projects.

Love, Light, & Trailblazing Vibes,

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the  Group Visibility Program start and finish?

The program starts Thursday, January 25, 2018, at 7:30 EST. The program ends on Thursday, March 22, 2018.

How many people are in the group program?

I love to give personalized attention so, the program is limited to 10 women. 

How will we meet-up for our group sessions? Can we meet in person? 

The group program is a combination of LIVE online and pre-recorded sessions conducted via  Zoom video conferencing app. Each live session is 1- hour. Prior to the start of the program, you will receive a save the date so you can schedule our sessions on your calendar. No worries if you have to miss a session – you’ll receive access to the recording 24 hours after the session takes place. In-person meetups are being considered—stay tuned!

Who are the women champions and mentors working with The She Deserves More Project?

Our champions and mentors represent creatives, executives, and influencers in technology, beauty, interior design, and social entrepreneurship. Plus we’re actively recruiting She Deserves More Champions. Depending on your needs you will have access to:

Two mentor matching sessions or one mastermind session with an industry insider who can provide advice on a variety of business challenges including business growth, brand positioning, product line expansion, investor readiness, pricing, global expansion, funding, sponsorships, and partnerships.

How long do I have access to She Deserves More Program Materials? 

Forever! When you invest in the She Deserves More group program, you have lifetime access to the replays and worksheets. I also provide 30 days of email support after you complete the program.

I don’t have a website yet. Can I still participate in the  program?

Absofreakinglutely! Although I highly recommend that you select a DIY website method or hire a developer who can turn your vision into reality, the program is very hands on. I will walk you through:

  • DIY website templates, as well as give you recommendations for website designers.
  • Ways to optimize your website and improve your online presence so the right people can find you.
  • How to identify your key marketing messages and create compelling website copy to attract your audience.
  • How to create a 90-day editorial calendar so you can consistently market your services and create quality content.

What’s your refund policy?

If for any reason you want to cancel your registration and receive a refund, I will grant you a full refund, 3 days after purchase. Other than that, no exceptions.

Once you complete the application you will receive pricing and payment plan information. 

It’s very rare, in the digital age, to meet someone who represents himself or herself in person just as they do online. However, Kandia’s fiery passion for her craft is so much larger than a media persona.

Kandia’s skill and eye for talent are just a few of her finest qualities. She has been able to not only develop an effective brand strategy for my company but also has enhanced my personal brand visibility. As a result, I have become a co-host on one of PBS’s longest running cooking shows, America’s Test Kitchen, and my brand, SheChef Inc. is growing exponentially. I’m very fortunate to be on what I’m sure will be a stellar line up of talent she represents. 

Elle Simone Scott

TV Co-Host, America's Test Kitchen & Founder of SheChef

 I’ve known Kandia since 2014, and having her as a mentor has been a major blessing! I told Kandia that I was interested in working abroad in Africa, she then gave me an opportunity to intern on an international project that she was involved in. Amazing! She is hands-on, helpful and honest!If ever I need advice, a recommendation or to just bounce creative ideas off someone she’s someone who’s been there with an open ear and giving hand.  A girl with Kandia as a mentor is a girl on her way to greatness. 

Destini Hornbuckle

Author, Book of Failed Love Stories & Marketing Assistant

During our 2nd visibility masterclass, we wrote  2 media pitches, an outreach letter introducing my eco-friendly marketing company & line of products to local businesses in Nairobi, Kenya and we also planned content ideas for my new website.

Natalya Sally

Co-Founder and Business Manager of Mosani Arts Limited

My AHA moment was learning how I can communicate and tell my story better.  Everything was scattered and just being able to tell my story concisely has been a really amazing experience for me. 

Kenneth Kinyanjui

Google Developer Expert, CTO & Co-Founder Infinity Space, France & Kenya